Hi, I’m Scott Hudlow.  ComicWise is my comic book business.  I sell comics!  ComicWise is a home-based comic book outlet; my specialty is doing comic book shows.  I have over fifteen years experience doing comic shows across the country, and have over twenty years experience in the world of comic retailing!  I have several key show helpers, such as Zach Smith, Erwin Ledford, Ryan Greenberg, Jacob Rexius, Stephinie Touch, and Celena Hernandez, who also have extensive experience in comic retailing!  When you meet us at a show, any of us can help you find the comics you are looking for!

ComicWise has an inventory of over 200,000 comics that date from World War II to the present, including brand new books!  We get new books every Wednesday, like a store, these books are on-sale immediately!  Check the shipping list to see what’s coming in each week.  I am a convention dealer, Comicwise does a comic show approximately every two weeks across California and the entire United States, such as WonderCon, Emerald City Comic Con, Sac Con, Heroes Con, among many!  Go to our schedule to see where we will be doing our next show, including my Comic Book Yard Sales that are done approximately once a month (for the time being) at my house in the garage.  Although, we do not have a storefront at this time, ComicWise is committed to provide Bakersfield and Kern County its comic needs!


To serve Bakersfield and Kern County, ComicWise is available by appointment.  Call (661) 834-9183 or e-mail shudlow@sbcglobal.net ahead to ensure that I am available.  ComicWise provides comic subscriptions and will hold books for regular customers.  I’ve also been known to deliver!  Also, ComicWise has a monthly Comic Book Yard Sale, which is an open weekend sale!  The Comic Book Yard Sale runs from 8 AM-4 PM, Saturday and Sunday, approximately once a month.  Check our schedule to get the exact dates.  We hope to provide a pleasant and easy comic experience and will happily take special orders.