Comic Book Yard Sale!

The Comic Book Yard Sales are an important component of ComicWise’s attempt to build a local clientele. This last weekend, ComicWise held its most recent Comic Book Yard Sale, which is not really a yard sale, since I have the sale in the garage… but I do like the name! Had lots of regulars come through all weekend, which is pleasant, I also get time to talk to friends and acquaintances. ComicWise’s Comic Book Yard Sale is a monthly affair, depending on my convention schedule. Next month for the Christmas season, ComicWise will hold the Comic Book Yard Sale, December 8 and 9, 2012! Remember, everything is 25% off on Yard Sale weekends, hopefully, you can come and try Bakersfield’s biggest comic store in a garage.
A link to my facebook page has been added, many convention photos are available for your perusal.